We are available in English!

We are happy to announce that tb-rescue.com is now available in english language!

We have translated all website texts, texts in graphics, texts in emails, FAQs etc and double checked the translations at least 50 times (well.. this certainly does not mean there is no chance for you to find typos 🙂 ) The blog is also available in two languages. Please apologize that for the old post we only provide an english summary. The playmobil video is “translated” using speech bubbles – still with the german voice-over. We were not very successful in convincing our kids to speak a language which they do not understand :-).

The next step really is to inform the enlish speaking geocaching community – We would like to make sure that your TBs that are stuck somewhere around the world can be rescued. We need your help. Do you know Podcasters, Twittering geocachers, popular blogs etc. in the english speaking Geocaching community who could spread the word? There are probably popular podcasts in the US,  common read blogs in the France or geocaching celebrities in Czech!

3 thoughts on “We are available in English!”

  1. Cool, Danke Ben!
    Sorry für die Probleme bei der Datums Darstellung in den Blog Kommentaren. Da gibt es noch eine kleine Unverträglichkeit mit der Mehrsprachigkeit.

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