Orthography, Grammar and Interpunction of the english site

Mid Februaray we received a kind offer from Richard to review the english translations of tb-rescue and tb-run. Richard is originally from Austria but he lives in Canada since quite a while. Due to this he knows the english orthography and syntax very well.

Richard was able to give us advises, e.g. whether we can write “thank you that you have rescued the TB” or if we should better speak about “retrieved” or “saved”.

After we clarified the basic topcis, Richard (Nickname dfx)  proofread all texts of our sited. His wife, Gabriela aka t4e actively supported him with this effort. The result is a considerably revised english version of tb-rescue.com and tb-run.com (out of 600 text elements, we got around 100 revised texts!).

A big thank-you from the tb-rescue & tb-run team to Richard & Gabriela to Canada!!!

(btw: He did not review this blog post so please apologize. This is my own english  :-/ )

3 thoughts on “Orthography, Grammar and Interpunction of the english site”

  1. *thumbsup*
    Eine bestehende Webseite oder ein Programm in ein andere Sprache zu übertragen ist immer eine Herausforderung. Selbst wenn man nur Textbausteinen arbeitet, bekommt man oft mals nie so griffig & ausdrucksstarrk hin wie im original.
    Das habe ich bei der Übersetzung von meeveo.org, geolog/ocprob/ect und den Fragmenten für Gc-deutsch gemerkt.

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