“Recalculate Distance” Howto and why?

From time to time we receive emails asking why tb-run.com does not consider all mileage of a TB.  You can be sure that tb-run.com does the maths right – as long as we get the right information.

The information is only as good as the data we receive from geocaching.com. And sometimes, gc.com does not calculate the mileage correctly. The relevant miles for tb-run.com is not the total mileage you see behind “Tracking History”. tb-run.com gets the data from each mile number for the single logs. And especially there, gc.com does forget some data from time to time.

Ususally it helps if you execute a “recalculate distance” on gc.com:

  1. Lookup your TB Details page, e.g. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TBABCDE
  2. Choose from the drop-down box that shows “Mark Item Missing” the entry “Recalculate Distance” (see screenshot)
  3. Click the “Go” Button
  4. Then it will usually take 1-10 minutes until gc.com corrects the calculation
  5. tb-run.com will update the race stats once per day.  After the next update, we will consider all miles we get from gc.com

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