Why does the mileage of my TB not show up correctly?

Update 30.July

After groundspeaks last update to gc.com the mileage bug should be fixed.
In case you still experience issues please try a “Recalculate Distance” first.
If there are still logs on gc.com where the milease is missing please let us know the public TB code.

We will now start the update process that updates all races. Should be done by friday morning (2.July) latest.


Hi all,

since groundspeak did the last update to geocaching.com at the biginning of june 2010 we receive quite some complaints from you, asking why tb-run.com shows the wrong mileage for a TB.

Here comes the short answer

Due to a bug on geocaching.com we are missing the mileage of the last log.
As soon as a new “placed” log is added to this TB, the previous one is considered as well.

In detail:

tb-run.com does not simply use the total mileage that gc.com shows for a trackable. This is sometimes not correct but even more important:  This number has all mileage – but we must only read the mileage that occured during the race of the TB (from start to end date of the particular race).

Thus, we collect the individual mileage that is shown behin every “placed” log – see screenshot:

And exactly here the bug on geocaching.com hits us.

For some reasons, in some cases the last log on gc.com does not show any mileage.
gc.com does consider it in the total mileage figure and it is also shown in the Google Maps Vie (“View Map”).

However, on the TB overview page that tb-run.com alway the mileage of the last “placed” log is missing- see Screenshot:

Our experience is, that also a “Recalculate Distance” does not solve this issue.


As soon as a new “placed” log is added, the milease of this (now last but one) log show up. Again,  the mileage of the new log is missing (and so on).

We have informed Groundspeak about the issue and they have promised to work on fixing this.
Until then, we have to live with the problem.

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