Update on geocaching.com – it is going to be interesting

Wow – there are some interesting new features coming with todays gc.com Update:

  • 13764: Quick “like it” for geocaches – Added Facebook “Like” functionality to cache pages
  • 13725: Mark trackables as collectible – Added ability to virtually “collect” trackables
  • 16673: Localize – Cache Details Page – Added translations for Deutsch, Français, Português, Čeština, Svenska – this is a work in progress
  • 13180: Modify cache archive notification for trackables – Discontinued the posting of a note to the trackable page when a cache containing it is archived, sending email notification to trackable owner now instead
  • 16352: Setting Trackable item to unknown posting a note instead of the correct log – Marking a trackable as “missing” will now post the correct drop type log instead of a note

and… not earth shattering but pretty cool 🙂

  • 15925: Helpful Links Addition – Added tb-rescue.com to the User Generated Tools list at /links

Lets see how much adjustemnts we have to make tomorrow to tb-rescue.com.

  • 16144: Change Trackable type to “it” on log pages – Trackables detail page more readable when referring to “it” instead of the trackable name

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