Hunting down a TB thief – A spectacular rescue mission

Probably the coolest rescue mission of the year: The german geocaching team “Sonntagsrudel” has hunted down a TB thief – using a self built video surveillance cache.

You can find all details of this spectacular misson on their website

We think this a pretty cool accomplishment that (even though it was not a activity that was initiated by deserves honor.
In order to thank the team, we have set up all successful rescues as records on

A big THANK YOU to the Caching team “Sonntagsrudel”.

Here you find all rescues trackables of this cool mission:

Acimes 1st Coin
Letterboxing in Deutschland
Saarland Geocoin 2007
Frozboz’ Happy Caching – Black Cat Geocoin
Euro 5th Anniversary Geocoin
Birthday Geocoin 2009
Die Schwedenflagge – The Swedish Flag
Dragon Spinner Geocoin
Happy Caching – Ladybird Geocoin
Come Together – Rad
Reindeer Geocoin
Geocacher?s Star 2009 Geocoin
Screw 2007 Geocoin
Denmark Geocoin
The Lord of the Caches – Earth Geocoin
Pepper’s Love
Belted Kingfisher Geocoin
SNSpencer?s Cache Movers Geocoin #1
mahos geotaler 3
Robby Schlappohr
Das fliegende Auge
Army Geocoin
NoobNaders RoG – Harz- Geocoin
Proving Trail Geocoin
Excalibur Geocoin
Red Handed Micro
2102 on Tour
“Amaigbo, Nigeria” Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug
“Thun, Switzerland” Unite for Diabetes Travel Bug
Phoebe the Globetrotter
Helicopter Herrold
The Flying Dutchman
Alaska Bear Paw TB
The flower bug
Silferme’s WorldRoller #2
Team Die Goldbären – Tebby
Liam’s Lego Plane
Janis the Bat
Where’s My Car?!?
Go GOLEO, go !!!
Travel Bug Vista
Dalarna horse
Vans World Tour
Travel Bug Cool Chicken
Lupus54 No.: 06
Bailey Bee
Balancing Act
Svenne Svensson
Halve a twin (Yoni)
UV-Men Baron von Zwick
Freizeitpark TB
Signature Item Collector

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