two new race rulesets on

We just activated two new race types on

distance fair
In principal just as the normal distance race. But here, we only consider the first ‘placed’ log of every cacher. This prevents that cachers keeping trackables, dipping them in every cache and helping them to get high mileage. In case there is more than one log on the first day we will consider the one with the highes mileage on that day.

long jump
Also quite like the normal distance race. But if one cacher moves a TB several time we consider only the log with the highest mileage – the longest jump.
This prevents cachers keeping trackables, dipping them in every cache and helping them to get high mileage.

You can find a description of all race rules here.

A big “thank you” goes to team ‘WantedDeadOrAlive‘ for support and testing of the new rules.

In case of isses or questions please leave feedback in the blog comments or contact us at


4 thoughts on “two new race rulesets on”

  1. We’ve started a race with the “distance fair” ruleset, and have discovered a discrepancy between the description and the actual tracking result.

    The description says that in the case of “dipping”, only the first “placed” log by a nick counts. We have discovered that what actually happens, is that the “took it to”-log with the highest mileage on the first date, is what counts.

    I do realize that “dipping” used to involve one placed log and one retrieve log, but this isn’t the case currently.

    In our case a contestant whose coin was “dipped” locally before making a long leap, only gets the longest “local” move, quite unexpectedly, since the rules say “first ‘placed’ log”.

    You should either change the phrase “first ‘placed’ log” to “first ‘took it to’ or ‘placed’ log” or actually change the tracking to look at only the first “placed” log for a nick.

    The race in question is currently running, so *I* cannot change the additional rules, but you might change the wording on your part.

  2. Hey @GadgetCats. We are currently on a business trip but will look into your comments and get back to you within the next 3 weeks. sorry for the delay, Sascha

  3. Another question: Is the date when a participant joins a race recorded anywhere? When I decided to allow participant trackables already in circulation, I assumed that the tracking wouldn’t count any distance before the trackable joins the race. A consequence of this would be that a trackable entering the race on the closing date, could win if it has travelled enough before entering. Obviously not a desirable consequence.

    So far, it seems we need to track this race manually 🙁

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