Pathtags shjpped accidentially to germany

This article is only relevant for germany.

We have produced a first amount of tb-rescue pathtags which were supposed to b offered via

Now accidentially they were shipped to my home in germany – so we are doing a “garage sale” of them in germany.

New production is in progress and they will soon be offered also in the US.

14 thoughts on “Pathtags shjpped accidentially to germany”

  1. Hallo,
    ich würd gerne 8 Stück nemen.
    Meine Adresse ist:
    Mit freundlichem Gruß

    Pascal “sn3ak” Martin

  2. Moin Sascha,
    da würde ich doch glatt 15 Stück nehmen 🙂
    Ach was, machen wir gleich 20 Stück von :-))

    Danke und Gruß aus Müden von HüMü-Clan!

  3. For our non german speaking community:
    The Pathtags were supposed to be offered via but by accident they shipped it to my home in germany.
    So we we are doing a “garage sale” in Germany as we have low shipping costs now 🙂

    The next production will soon be available in the US shop at

  4. @Dieter: mir müssen mal schauen, wie die erste Aktion läuft. Wenn das logistisch alles gut klappt, melden wir uns wieder und fragen nach.

  5. Hi,finding it difficult to navigate to anywhere that might be useful for my topic. perhaps you can post it in the correct forum? I made a request for a TB rescue but after it had been “in” the cache 152 days I decided to post it as Missing. I then received an email from TB-Rescue stating that the TB had not been rescued but moved from the cache in a conventional way.Is this just the usual TB-rescue way of admitting the TB has gone missing or has someone moved it out? There is no log to this effect. Thanks for your help.

  6. Hallo,

    wollte mich jetzt auch mal in das Hobby Pathtags reinstürzen, nachdem ich ja bei Geocoins auch schon dran bin.

    Gibt es wieder Pathtags von euch oder sieht das eher schlecht aus?

    Gruss Chris

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