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Rescue a TB that is stuck at another geocacher

We got many questions like this:  “Is it possible to create a rescue request for a TB that is stuck at another geocacher versus in a cache?”

Certainly, we have thought about this. Technically it would be possible even without a huge effort. But we have several concerns with that. There is a risk that would become a kind of “pillory” for lazy TB movers.  Think about this: Why should a cacher get convinved to move on a TB by if the same person does not react on mails from the TB owner?

If you have a TB that is stuck at another cacher we recommend our well-tried procedure:

  1. Send an email to the current holder and kindly ask to move the TB on soon. In most cases this already helps.
  2. Based on the “Last Login” das of a geocacher on you can get an impression whether you are dealing with an active cacher or not.
    You find this data in the cachers profile on
  3. In case you get no reaction to your email take a look at the logs of this person. The cacher may be on the hunt with other cachers from time to time. You might want to contact one of his “buddies”.

Let us now any comments or suggestions you have on this topic.