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A try- calculation the chance for rescue

Hi all,

we wanted to try some new stuff: tb-rescue now automatically estimates the probability of a successful rescue.
On the TB page you will find a small gauges that shows the probability:

The whole thing is currently in test phase and we have no idea if it works as designed – or if it is even useful.
So please give us feedback in our Blog on how it worked for you – and how you like the idea.

Here is a real example: live Beispiel.

tb-rescue goes America

tb-rescue goes America.

I know.. Some parts of English translation are probably awful to read (sorry, we are just no native speakers). But it seems that this fact does not completely deter the English speaking geoacaching community from using it.

BTW: If you are a native speaker I would be happy if you would volunteer to review the text. In this case please contact us directly at

In the last weeks, around 1000 geocachers registered with We could also report several successful rescue missions. In particular we are proud that there are many rescue teams in North America. Just look at the map that displays all watched areas – thank you.

And: Alaska, Australia, Estonie and Oman are also partly covered – cool!

Sascha (currently in the US)