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Mileage of your TB

Hi all,

first let me say this: in general is working fine and the daily updates from are running like a charm ;-).

In the last year, we did not have a single occurence where tb-run did a wrong calculation of the ranking – (as long as the information from was up to date and provided the right results).

Most of the mails regarding wrong ranking we get, can be tracked down to the fact that the race tye is set to a “fair” race. This which will filter out movements by the same geocacher. You find a detailed explanation in a previous blog post.

However, there is a problem right now:

As you all now, tb-run can only work with the mileage that is provided by Since a few months, we experience a problem that seems to be related to what is showing.

We recognized that the mileage delivered from all of a sudden changes from time to time. Example

  • For this old TB that was not moved since 2010, the log from 08/14/2008 shows 32.16 Miles – which is correct. Now two days ago, at 1:15 CET showed 5259.59 for this TB. And an hour later showed 377.03 Miles.  At 3:15 then it was back to 32.16 Miles. At 9:15 it was 464.04 Miles for two hours and then it was correct.
  • Or this Race TB from BNJanny (Upsstups)
    Log  from 01/17/2017 in Cache Kosinus meets China. Correct is 0.15 Miles. Yesterday all of a sudden showed 5266.23 Miles. One hour later it was back to 0.15 Miles.

It seems that these are not exceptions but this happens across

We have written a program that pulls the mileage from every hour for several TB’s to see if we can detect any pattern. We are also checking if this is somehow related to – but don’t think so at this point.

We will update this post once we have any news – hopefully in the next few days.

If you have seen similar behaviour, please leave a comment. This may help us to track down the root cause – or give us more meat  when talking to Groundspeak.

Groundspeak will change mileage calculation

Groundspeak has just informed us that there will be some changes coming with the next update of that will impact the mileage calculation.

The development team has found out that the mileage calculation of trackables had several errors. Thus, the mileage calculation was sometimes wrong.
With the upcoming update the mileage calc will be much more accurate.

As a result for many trackables the mileage will change.


Why does the mileage of my TB not show up correctly?

Update 30.July

After groundspeaks last update to the mileage bug should be fixed.
In case you still experience issues please try a “Recalculate Distance” first.
If there are still logs on where the milease is missing please let us know the public TB code.

We will now start the update process that updates all races. Should be done by friday morning (2.July) latest.


Hi all,

since groundspeak did the last update to at the biginning of june 2010 we receive quite some complaints from you, asking why shows the wrong mileage for a TB.

Here comes the short answer

Due to a bug on we are missing the mileage of the last log.
As soon as a new “placed” log is added to this TB, the previous one is considered as well.

In detail: does not simply use the total mileage that shows for a trackable. This is sometimes not correct but even more important:  This number has all mileage – but we must only read the mileage that occured during the race of the TB (from start to end date of the particular race).

Thus, we collect the individual mileage that is shown behin every “placed” log – see screenshot:

And exactly here the bug on hits us.

For some reasons, in some cases the last log on does not show any mileage. does consider it in the total mileage figure and it is also shown in the Google Maps Vie (“View Map”).

However, on the TB overview page that alway the mileage of the last “placed” log is missing- see Screenshot:

Our experience is, that also a “Recalculate Distance” does not solve this issue.


As soon as a new “placed” log is added, the milease of this (now last but one) log show up. Again,  the mileage of the new log is missing (and so on).

We have informed Groundspeak about the issue and they have promised to work on fixing this.
Until then, we have to live with the problem.

“Recalculate Distance” Howto and why?

From time to time we receive emails asking why does not consider all mileage of a TB.  You can be sure that does the maths right – as long as we get the right information.

The information is only as good as the data we receive from And sometimes, does not calculate the mileage correctly. The relevant miles for is not the total mileage you see behind “Tracking History”. gets the data from each mile number for the single logs. And especially there, does forget some data from time to time.

Ususally it helps if you execute a “recalculate distance” on

  1. Lookup your TB Details page, e.g.
  2. Choose from the drop-down box that shows “Mark Item Missing” the entry “Recalculate Distance” (see screenshot)
  3. Click the “Go” Button
  4. Then it will usually take 1-10 minutes until corrects the calculation
  5. will update the race stats once per day.  After the next update, we will consider all miles we get from