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Connectivity issues to fixed

We have just solved the connectivity issues from and to
The Update of the TB information and positions will take a while – until 6 AM GMT (we do reduce the connection speed on purpose).

From tomorrow on, everything should be back to normal.
Only the creation of new rescue requests taked 5-30 seconds instead of 1-2 secs because we need to gather more data after the recent changed on
We will be working on optimizing this in the next weeks.

update of hit us pretty hard

Argh! According to the posting on we expected the april update to be only a minor one – actually it hit tb-run and tb-rescue pretty hard.

On you usually find a link to “view all logs”. We use this link to get the latest logs of the TBs. Since the 4/1 update this link is no longer available :-(.

Due to this, neither nor are able to retrieve updates of the trackables.

We have already contacted Groundspeak and are hoping for a simple and quick solution of this “API” problem.
And adjustment of tb-rescue/tb-run to use the pagination would be a huge effort.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause on your side.

The Release Notes unfortunately did not show this change so that this change caught us completely unprepared.

UPDATE April 5 5th 10:00 PM GMT – Issues are solved. down – what happens afterwards???

Sorry, this post was written before we decided to have and in english.
However, here is a summary of the post: is down due to an update. We have some hope that known issues that made life harder are now fixed. e.g.
10790: Trackable Item mileage not updating and ‘recalculate distance’ doesn’t work
Made some fixes to address the mileage update issues for Trackables

But we are also scared by thing like this:

“we have modernized the site to allow us to move forward with future projects in an effort to better address the needs of our users. In doing so, some third-party tools, […] may no longer work because of changes to the underlying structure of the site.”

but lets see 🙂