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“Recalculate Distance” Howto and why?

From time to time we receive emails asking why does not consider all mileage of a TB.  You can be sure that does the maths right – as long as we get the right information.

The information is only as good as the data we receive from And sometimes, does not calculate the mileage correctly. The relevant miles for is not the total mileage you see behind “Tracking History”. gets the data from each mile number for the single logs. And especially there, does forget some data from time to time.

Ususally it helps if you execute a “recalculate distance” on

  1. Lookup your TB Details page, e.g.
  2. Choose from the drop-down box that shows “Mark Item Missing” the entry “Recalculate Distance” (see screenshot)
  3. Click the “Go” Button
  4. Then it will usually take 1-10 minutes until corrects the calculation
  5. will update the race stats once per day.  After the next update, we will consider all miles we get from down – what happens afterwards???

Sorry, this post was written before we decided to have and in english.
However, here is a summary of the post: is down due to an update. We have some hope that known issues that made life harder are now fixed. e.g.
10790: Trackable Item mileage not updating and ‘recalculate distance’ doesn’t work
Made some fixes to address the mileage update issues for Trackables

But we are also scared by thing like this:

“we have modernized the site to allow us to move forward with future projects in an effort to better address the needs of our users. In doing so, some third-party tools, […] may no longer work because of changes to the underlying structure of the site.”

but lets see 🙂