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two new race rulesets on

We just activated two new race types on

distance fair
In principal just as the normal distance race. But here, we only consider the first ‘placed’ log of every cacher. This prevents that cachers keeping trackables, dipping them in every cache and helping them to get high mileage. In case there is more than one log on the first day we will consider the one with the highes mileage on that day.

long jump
Also quite like the normal distance race. But if one cacher moves a TB several time we consider only the log with the highest mileage – the longest jump.
This prevents cachers keeping trackables, dipping them in every cache and helping them to get high mileage.

You can find a description of all race rules here.

A big “thank you” goes to team ‘WantedDeadOrAlive‘ for support and testing of the new rules.

In case of isses or questions please leave feedback in the blog comments or contact us at


A try- calculation the chance for rescue

Hi all,

we wanted to try some new stuff: tb-rescue now automatically estimates the probability of a successful rescue.
On the TB page you will find a small gauges that shows the probability:

The whole thing is currently in test phase and we have no idea if it works as designed – or if it is even useful.
So please give us feedback in our Blog on how it worked for you – and how you like the idea.

Here is a real example: live Beispiel.

Notification if the rank of your TB changes in a race

Starting tomorrow, we will introduce a new feature to

In case the rank of your race TB changes, will inform you via email about the old and the new rank in the race.

Per default, the new function is activated for everybody who has 1-5 TBs in active races.
If you do not want this notification you can certainly disable it using the “my Profile” button. ;–)

Finally! New map for watched areas

It’s about time! Now that germany is already covered multiple times and also the US is filling up quickly, the old map that shows all watched territories was way too slow.
The old version used Java Script to render the different watched areas on the local Browser. With more than 1000 watched areas also newer PCs could not handle this anymore.
Now generates complete images with all the watches areas already on it. The Browser just needs to display the image.

This was quite some work because we had to code the new map from scratch. But now its done: