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We are moving to a new Server

We are moving to a new and bigger Hosting Provider and Server.

The site will be fully working during the move.

You will just recognize that the domain ends with “” during a temporary time.
Also all links are supposed to remain working.
In case of any issues please leave a comment here or contact us at

As soon as the move is completed in 1-2 weeks also will disappear.

Out Now! The Geocoin!

The is available and can be ordered at

Here are the links to

In addition there is a Pins (without Tracking Code)

And Coin & Pin in a package

Conditions for ordering the golden Geocoin

Update from May 2015: the Geocoins are sold out. We do not plan any further production.

We have decided to make the golden tb-rescue Geocoin something special 🙂 .
This coin will ecklusively be available for users.

To be able to order a golden Coin at you need to have a valid user at that matches your Nickname.
In addition you must fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have rescued at least one TB on
  • Another geocacher has rescued one of your TBs via

If you fulfill these criteria you will be able to create your personal rescue-code at
You just need to enter this rescue-code during your order at

Here you can access your personal rescue-code:

Additional comments:

  • Only one gold coin per account can be ordered.
  • Only successful rescue missions count. If you have reported a TB missing this does not count.
  • will only ship the gold coin if they receive the correct personal rescue-code.
  • Well.. we trust you not to try any tricks to fool us.

A try- calculation the chance for rescue

Hi all,

we wanted to try some new stuff: tb-rescue now automatically estimates the probability of a successful rescue.
On the TB page you will find a small gauges that shows the probability:

The whole thing is currently in test phase and we have no idea if it works as designed – or if it is even useful.
So please give us feedback in our Blog on how it worked for you – and how you like the idea.

Here is a real example: live Beispiel.