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We are offline! service has been permanently discontinued as of October 2018.
If you need a trackable list of your old race, please contact us via email with the name of the race via

During the last 10 years, tb-run hosted 2000+ Travel Bug races with more than 21000 trackables.

I am not aware of any website that provides Travel Bug race functionality. In case you find out please let me know and I will provide a link here. service has been permanently discontinued as of January 2016. For details please see the annoucement.
Similar functionality is provided by Project GC.

Since Dezember 2009 helped to rescue 2300+ Trackables and report ~3000 trackables missing. If you are interested, here is the initial Video about

I would like to thank everyone who supported both projects. It was a lot of fun.

Sascha is offline


[deutsche Version hier] service has been permanently discontinued as of January 2016. For details please see the annoucement.

Similar functionality is now provided by Project GC: .

Since Dezember 2009 helped to rescue 2311 Trackables and report 2878 trackables missing.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the project.
It was a lot of fun!

If you are interested, here is the initial Video about
If you like fun with Trackables visit out other website


Status of tb-run and tb-rescue

Hi all,

Unfortunately I did not have the chance to maintain tb-run and tb-rescue during the last months. Other job-related as well as other private projects were the reason that I had almost no time to answer your emails. I feel sorry for that.

In addition, we experience some technical issues.

E.g. the tb-rescue ranking list was not updated. Rescue requests were not closed and rescuers did no receive credit for their rescue missions. This should be fixed now.

But we still see some performance problems with loading times of some of the pages. I am working on this but cannot make an estimation when those will be fixed.
Update 2014/05/02: 90% of the performance problems should are fixed.

Also it is currently not possible to change the watched area in tb-rescue. sorry.

Today, I will focus on answering your email.
As soon as I have any news regarding the current issues, I will provide an update via Twitter/Facebook/Blog.

I hope you have some understanding that tb-rescue and tb-run are just hobby projects and other private and job-related stuff has priority somethimes 🙂

tb-rescue und tb-run… the current status

Hi all. I know, I did not send a single life sign during the last month. Neither in the blog, nor as replies to your emails.

But I was completely snowed under due to private and business projects.
Originally I planned to use thewinter season to implement many ideas for tb-run and tb-rescue and be able to proudly remove the “beta” label from both sites.

But what can I say… I did not and still both sites are running with almost no issues.

I have the impression that 90% of all “my TB is stuck” cases are covered by the current tb-rescue technology.
The service has become well established and seems to be stable.

We receive lots of new rescue requests every day and our server sends out thousands of mails every day to potential rescue teams in the relevant areas. Seems like the western caching civilization is mostly covered – see Map.

The banner ads from Groundspeak on do supply us with new interested geocachers every day and we have exceeded 8000 registered users.

What else is on the todo list?

Well, first of all we have the topics that are most aksed:

  • Watch more than one area
  • Have nice statistics about the races
  • And my main issue that tb-rescue does not handle some processes too well.
    One example is: if a TB owner does not mark his trackable as missing, even though a rescue team has confirmed that its gone –  (sigh!).
    In this case, the rescuer does not get a rescue point and the request is kept open forever.

Ahh.. the „most Wanted“ functionality is still the creation of rescue request for TBs that are stuck at another CACHER.  🙂 .

For this, please also read “Rescue a TB that is stuck at another geocacher“.

Well.. Other than that… The situation at is even better: Everything is working fine.
By now we have more than 500 races with over 3800 Trackables in total.

We dont have a standstill, improvements are just postponed 🙂

Thats it for now, Yours sincerly, Sascha
(currently crossing the atlantic during a flight… having some time to let my mind wander….)

The last uncharted territory in Germany

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In the meantime, we have 99% of the Germany covered by rescue teams. As soon as receives a new rescue request, we inform sometimes not fewer than 30-40 potential rescue teams via email. 🙂 cool!

I just took a closer look at the map and found 5 uncharted territories  in germany – areas which no one is watching so far.

You can find the whole map here: (Unfortunately loading the map may take quite a while… We will have to redesign the way how the map is created).